Desktop and Excel Data Processing Cases

With the advantages of easy-to-use, rich data processing functions, strong chart drawing capability, fast and accurate calculation, etc., Excel has become an indispensable utility software for data processing in daily office work, and very popular among office workers.

Nevertheless, there are still quite a few complex tasks that are difficult to handle with Excel, such as the processing of ordered set, the conversion of data structure, the alternate performing of grouping, filtering and aggregating, the association and comparison between tables, and the merging and splitting of multiple files. Consequently, these complex tasks often make the office workers so head-scratching that they have to work overtime to cope. Although Excel comes with the VBA language, it provides most employees with little substantial help for the reason that VBA language is insufficient in set orientation, relatively high difficulty to learn and high complexity in use.

SPL, as an open-source programming language, provides Excel with add-in and clipboard, and enhances the functions like programming, which has the following characteristics: i)SPL is easy to learn, seamlessly integrated with Excel, and can be used as one function of Excel; ii) SPL provides a wealth of ordered operations, allowing you to easily achieve the positioning and search; iii)SPL provides rich structured data processing functions, which allow you to perform not only various complex calculations but many conversions on data structure; iv) SPL naturally supports the grouped intermediate results, and is able to filter and aggregate the grouped results, thereby allowing you no longer worry about the complex situation that grouping, filtering and aggregating occur alternatively; v) Association and comparison between tables are the forte of SPL, which can be implemented easily, and done efficiently. In terms of other minor functions, SPL has also made a lot of supplements to Excel, such as the data generation with special requirements.

With the help of SPL, the office workers can easily solve the deficiencies of Excel in the functions mentioned above, thereby greatly improving their daily work efficiency.

To learn SPL, please visit: SPL Programming , where you will find it easy to learn as long as you have a high school education background.

This book collects a large number of Excel problems that may be encountered in your daily work from the Internet, and the number of such problems is up to several hundreds, with a wide coverage. All you have to do is to search for the chapters that interest you and find the appropriate cases and formulas, and you will be able to apply them to your own work after minor modifications. In short, SPL can help you avoid working overtime on Excel data processing, and make your dream of finishing work in advance come true!


Chapter 1 Reading and writing files and common computing

Chapter 4 Merge Excel files

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