SPL CookBook

Here comes SPL (not SQL) Cookbook.

SPL (Structured Process Language) is the programming language used by esProc, the professional data computing engine. The language encapsulates a wealth of libraries. A data computing and processing program written in SPL is much faster and simpler than one written in SQL or Python. See comparison:《SPL vs SQL》,《SPL vs Python》.

The SPL Cookbook collects hundreds of data processing tasks and provides the SPL solutions. They cover most of the scenarios the data analysts may encounter in real-world businesses. Once you learn how to implement these tasks, you can handle the common data analysis work effortlessly.


Chapter 1 Order-related Calculation READ

Chapter 2 Complex QueryREAD

Chapter 3 Top NREAD

Chapter 4 Grouping & Aggregation READ

Chapter 5 Alignment groupingREAD

Chapter 6 Subsets after groupingREAD

Chapter 7 Loop calculationREAD

Chapter 8 Join query over multiple tablesREAD

Chapter 9 Inter-set operationsREAD

Chapter 10 TranspositionREAD

Chapter 11 RecursionREAD

Chapter 12 Using structured text dataREAD

Chapter 13 Using structured big text fileREAD

Chapter 14 Use SQL to query text data directly READ

Chapter 15 Using Excel dataREAD

Chapter 16 Using JSON and XML dataREAD

Chapter 17 Unstructured text handlingREAD

Chapter 18 String & datetime handlingREAD

Chapter 19 As SQL's CollaboratorREAD

Chapter 20 As MongoDB's CollaboratorREAD

Chapter 21 As Reporting Tools' CollaboratorREAD

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