The Dilemma of Learning Programming: What you can master, you won’t use; What you would use, you can’t master

Easy to learn but almost useless for daily work, only useful for solving math problems to practice your brain.

Essential for practical application and the key to truly handling daily work with ease and efficiency.

VBA has poor support for structured data, making every task extremely troublesome.

Python... has decent structured data capabilities, however… you just cannot master it!

N types of dizzying sets: DataFrame, Series, List, DataFrameGroupBy,etc.
Conversion between them is particularly smooth. If you’re not careful, some unknown things may come out.

Programming basically relies on googling; even if you find the answer, understanding often remains elusive, prompting googling next time!

In reality, most Python users are highly skilled professionals.

esProc SPL: Four Major Advantages Ensure You Can Master and Apply It

Professional and Powerful Structured Data Capability

A programming language specializing in structured data.

Simple Concepts, Easy-to-Learn Code, High School Knowledge is Sufficient

SPL VS Python: The longest consecutive days of rising for each stock

One type of set that fits in any cases, allowing you to learn and apply it to various scenarios.

Intuitive Code in Grid, What You See is What You Get, Convenient Debugging

Say goodbye to the annoying print debugging method.

Special SPL XLL Plugin Enhances Calculation for Excel

SPL XLL: Find the star products that make it to the top 10 every month

SPL is the essential eggs you need to make the perfect omelet.
Master it in half a day, become proficient in ten days